“Do Not Be Anxious” Jesus

Numbers make me anxious. Geometry and algebra shifted my mild discomfort to full phobia by the end of my junior high years. I struggled through high school and then all the prerequisites for nursing, finally heaving a sigh of relief at the end of my nurse practitioner program. Math incompetence did not prevent me from achieving my dreams and by marrying an accountant–to-be, I would have a secure future never needing to manage this realm again.

Thirty-five years later, you know it did not all turn out like that. Each decade of those years had their financial issues that forced me to increase my skills in spite of fear and this season is no different. I am learning now that I can enjoy new depths of serenity, peace and security in spite of the circumstances I have chosen.

In choosing to obey Jesus and come to Haiti at this stage of life, I have reduced my income to the lowest of a lifetime while starting a malnutrition program that costs close to $2000/month. You are right, that math does NOT add up but I do not fret much about this. I have my moments of anxiety but I bring those thoughts captive to truth. God has orchestrated every decision we have made coming to Haiti and I remind myself that He is charge and works for me and every child in my program. He meets all our needs. If I focus on food, I will lose sight of His great purpose here to bring the Haitian people to a hope for eternity in His presence.

Celebrate with me in this fact: the resources come every month on time.  It comes from small children emptying piggy banks to seniors sharing onetime gifts to faithful monthly supporters. In any lean months, I have had enough of my own resources to cover bills. People who have no idea of what the needs are have responded to the tug of Spirit of God and sent a contribution at just the right time for just the right amount.   Down to the dollar.

One friend brought the OneEgg Haiti program to Haiti Health Ministries by funding the initial three-month pilot herself. Just as that money reached the end another organization, VelvetAshes, has decided to make OneEgg HHM their Christmas project.   Do you see God’s hand?

“To seek the kingship of God first in every affair and every moment of life is a thrilling way to live. It’s full of freedom and peace and joy and adventure-and hardship;  and it’s worth it all”  John Piper


“Do Not Be Anxious” Jesus

5 thoughts on ““Do Not Be Anxious” Jesus

  1. Others can make a tax deductible donation to the malnutrition program Sally has set up by sending a check to Haiti Health Ministries designated for “Just Feed the Kids” at PO Box 175, Girard, KS 66743. They also have a Paypal account on their website where you can donate as well. http://Www.haitihealthministries.org/ If you use Paypal please make a comment to Sally so she can make sure it gets into the proper account for feeding her kids. Great work bringing glory to the Son by telling them about Jesus while feeding His children, Sally!

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