Humbled by the Gifts of the Poor



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Humbled by the Gifts of the Poor

I am profoundly humbled by these gifts,  bit by bit filling up a basket for children and mama’s in Haiti.  My first response to the news of the help to come was tears and they rise again today as I write my thanks.  Your contributions are truly sacrificial and reflect willingness to endure a level of hardship for others for the sake of the gospel.  To make Him known to the ends of the earth; to poor women with not enough to feed their children in Gressier.  I thank you for making Him visible to them, to me and to the church.

The mama’s of course believe we all have great riches in America and that the roads ARE paved with gold.  They simply cannot know what each of you has given up in comfort and security to bring the good news to the places in which you are serving and now extending beyond that,  to bring food to the hungry.  But I know.  Lives given joyfully, happily but still suffering for His sake.

My little feeding program serves the poor of a poor community.  Some live high above us in isolated mountain villages no one could find without a guide.  Others live in crowded metal shacks in conditions that shock even seasoned third world workers.  But you have seen us.  Your outstretched hand holding food has touched more than bodies.   God has sent you from all over this earth to minister to a small program serving little people living in anonymous places .  We know again that we are not alone.

Finally, you have offered a modern example of the widow’s mite for the church to see.  You live on so little in your far-flung places.  You must raise support in the too short times you are visiting the US.  The gift represents food from your tables, time away from family and friends, lives laid down for the sake of the gospel.  It is visible: Christ in you, the hope of glory.  

Hallelujah!  He has been proclaimed.



Humbled by the Gifts of the Poor

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